SUP Workshops


SUP is for EVERYONE. We aim to get people outside and active on the water in a safe, clean and environmentally responsible way. Nicola Valley Paddle Company's programs and workshops aim to be a serene and relaxing experience which allows participants to connect with nature and build their SUP skills. It’s NOT just about paddling; it's about sharing the STOKE and building the paddling community. 


Special Events, corporate and team building events, birthday parties and bachelor/bachelorette parties can be customized to suit your group. Pricing varies. To inquire please contact us. Let us take care of organizing your next adventure! 


Lake Stoke Paddle Night: $50.00 


Now that you have learned basic SUP skills, of course you want to paddle MORE! 

These evenings are strictly for fun, practice, and the community! A great way to try paddling different types of boards (before making the investment) 

• Usually last about 2 hrs 

• 7pm-9pm 

• Must reserve spot NO drop ins. 

• ALL equipment provided. 

• Prerequisite: Must have taken our Intro to SUP Lesson 



Kids on Board: $65.00 


We are stoked to introduce our youth in the community to the world of SUP. Giving our youth the opportunity to explore and experience this new world of walking on water. We will teach kids the skills of SUP while bringing awareness to our waterways, being SAFE, having FUN while RESPECTING the beauty of our surroundings in the natural outdoors.

• Age 12-16 

• Learn the basic skills for Stand Up Paddle Boarding. 

• Dry land and water time is spent in this class learning skills and safety, on and off the water. 

• Participants will gain confidence in learning paddling techniques and new SUP disciplines. 

• Activities include paddle boarding, care of equipment, eco awareness, water safety. 

• ALL equipment provided. 



Wahine Wednesday: $45 

(wahine.~ wɑːˈhiːnɪ / noun. 1. (esp in the Pacific islands) a Polynesian or Māori woman, esp a girlfriend or wife ) 


This is all about the girls getting together on the water. Launch from Nicola Lake @ Monck Provincial Park each week. 

Every week will bring on a new adventure for ladies on the lake. It’s not a lesson or formal clinic, just a night out once a week to do something fun and active. 

• 7pm-9pm 

• Must reserve spot. NO drop ins. 

• ALL equipment provided. 

• Prerequisite: Must have taken our Intro to SUP Lesson 



Aqua Mermaids - Intro to Sup - Teen Workshop: $69.00 


We are SUPER stoked to offer a series of workshops for our teen girls this year. 

They will experience the power and the beauty of the natural world up close. 

Practice skills and resilience in our natural surroundings whilst on the water. 

This workshop will introduce the girls to SUP. 

• Open to GIRLS Age 13-17 

• Duration: 2 hrs 

• The girls will work on basic SUP skills. 

• Learn safety requirements for being on and off the water. 

• All equipment is provided. 

• MUST have swimming ability & parental guidance consent.


Falling in and enjoying the splash will be part of the fun! With never having stepped on a SUP, girls will experience a new freedom and sense of empowerment as they learn to glide across the water.